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We are BrandLab

What We Do


We are BrandLab. We are a Digital Branding Agency located in Reno, Nevada. Branding is the key to making your company or product stand out from your competition. A Brand a not a logo. A Brand is not a website. A Brand is not a tagline. A Brand, when properly defined, can serve as the lynchpin for every product, every message and every decision your business can make. A Brand is that clear voice that can lead you and your team to not only a clear direction, but a future for your company as well. We love Brands. We help you create a perfect one.

Brand Strategy

Everything we do is based on a solid Brand Strategy through our proprietary Brand Discovery process called “True North”. With a clear strategy, all else falls into place.

Brand Execution

By following our new True North Brand mandates, all decisions on color, tone, language, and execution and voice fall into place easily. You and your team have a clear direction on how to take your communications to the next level.


We are the protectors, the advocates and the builders of your brand. 

“Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away” 

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Our Services

Full service. Yeah we know, it’s a boring and overused ad guy term, but since day one we here at BrandLab have embraced the odd, the new and the full spectrum of communication. We've found that that fringe stuff eventually becomes the norm. We started building websites when most people didn't have a browser on their computer. We created Videos with phones back when you could only get 15 seconds of footage. We Get full service, because it is in our DNA. Video, Online marketing, Embedded Brand Content, traditional advertising campaigns too. You name it, we get it or have done it before.

Digital Branding

From desktop to mobile to video campaigns, we build it.

Responsive Websites

Fully branded responsive websites that not only go mobile but push brand voice at all points

Brand Strategy

It’s a small world. Make sure your brand voice uses all the options to connect properly.

Social Integration

We provide the tools you need to not only connect, but to build a conversation.



We've been quietly making some of the regions best brands for over 15 years. We were arguably the first design firm in Nevada building websites with an eye to great design and brand ideals. We've created mountains of logos. Piles of websites. All we are missing is your next project.


BrandLab - There's a science to the art of branding.